hard lessons aren’t all bad…


“Well, I’ve learned my lesson,” the doll said with a rejected tone, “never attach a gift card to my iPhone”. Looking as she stood up to leave the kitchen, I said, “Wait a minute… let’s see if we can fix this…”


“Mom, something is wrong with this darn iPhone, it won’t accept my gift card,” She said. “What are you talking about?” I wondered. “For Christmas, I attached the Visa gift card Uncle E gave me, so I could download some music, but they’re telling me the card is invalid,” She explained. “How much do you have left on the card?” I asked and she shrugged. “Thankfully, there are websites that will tell you…” I said and a few minutes later, the site revealed she had $8.52 cents left from $100.00. “What the….?” She said.

“Okay, here are the purchases…” I said, as an itemized list appeared. “Okay, two purchases at Amazon, and two on iTunes totaling $57.00”. “I never made those purchases on iTunes. Heck I’m not even sure what they are…” She complained. “Okay, let’s open the email file you have attached to your iTunes account,” I said handing her the laptop. A minute later, we found the purchases. Looking shocked, she said, “Mom, I never bought those”. “Doll, do you ever check this email?” I wondered. “No, that’s my throwaway account for solicitors,” She replied. “Because here they are, posted the day of purchase…” I said pointing at the in-game app purchases. “Mom, I’m telling you, I never purchased those and even if I did, I should have some record on my game,” She said, pulling up the game App on her iPhone and searched for evidence. “Regardless baby, they’re right here…” I said pointing at the emails, even though I knew how frustrating my answer was for her.

“Just forget it, I guess I learned a hard lesson…” She said, sadly. “Hang on,” I replied then called Apple support for help. “Yes, my doll entered a Visa gift card into her iTunes account and we’ve found some unusual charges on her card,” I explained.  An hour and a half later, after talking with four different technicians, Apple thankfully resolved the issue with a full refund. As was explained to me, “Since this is the first time you’ve ever called in for a return claim, we’ll help you in this matter, and offer you some steps to prevent this from happening in the future,” the supervisor said. Together, we reset her iTunes account and set up restrictions for game Apps access to any future monies she applies to her account.

“Next time you want to purchase music, buy an iTunes card with set limits, okay?” I implored. “Nodding she replied, “Oh I will,” then leaned in and gave me a hug. “I can’t believe you got the money back!” She added. “Because we were sincere and honest,” I replied and returned the hug, then added, “Plus, it never hurts to ask”.








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