doll the critic…


The other day the doll grabbed my iPhone and disappeared while I was making dinner. “OMG MOM!! WHY???”  “What?” I replied unaware of why she was yelling at me this time. “Why did you write that J was my crush?? I mean seriously, he has a girlfriend!” The doll yelled. “Oh, were you reading my blogs?” “Answer the question,” she returned, looking mortified. “Well, considering I wrote that blog some time (2 months) ago…” I began, “and I only used his first initial, I didn’t think that would cause much harm. Besides, you’re having a crush is ‘cute'” I added. “MOM! That is so not cool!” She shot back. “Doll, I’m pretty positive his parents don’t read my blog and neither does anyone else who actually KNOWS him. Chill…” I tried. “You are not allowed to write about me anymore,” She said setting my phone down on the counter. “Sorry doll, having given birth to, housed and supported you all these years, by parental and God’s rights, I’ll be writing about you when I’m old and decrepit–“The doll didn’t call me again today….” I said imitating an older woman’s tone with my voice. “Keep this up and I’ll never call you…” She replied, then turned to leave the room.

“Oh doll…?” I asked after her, “What?” She sharply replied, “What did you think of my other blogs–in between?” I asked. Nodding her head from left to right she said, “Not bad, some of the topics I completely forgot about and they made me smile,” She said. “So, only one really embarrassing blog-for you, out of the bunch?” I asked. Sizing me up with a look she replied, “More or less…” “DAMMIT!!” I replied and was met with the mother of all stares from my daughter, “What’s wrong with you?” She asked. Laughing I replied, “Not a damn thing…” accompanying my reply with a shrug while a big wide evil grin crossed my face.


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