Empty heads….


With thanks to Harvey yesterday, I was able to post a blog, but short of complaining how easily my kids eat our monthly supply of data, before the month ends…I really have nothing new to write. Have I mentioned before how boring my children have become?

Since they won’t give me anything good to write about, I’ve been forced to create some false drama, hoping to liven things up. For instance, the other day when I arrived to pick the kids up from school, I happened to notice the doll’s friend “J” waiting for his ride. A silly thought popped into my head, What if you were to jump out and introduce yourself to him? The doll would be mortified! “Yes she would,” I giggled aloud to myself.

By the time both kids reached the car, “J” was gone and I decided to have a little fun with my daughter. “How was your day?” I asked and she replied, “Ugh, okay,” though her exasperated tone told me more. “Well, so long as it was okay…” I said with a sarcastic undertone, before adding, “Oh, hey, your friend “J” was sitting out here waiting for his ride when I pulled up…” “Oh?” She said, turning around to look where he mighty have been standing. “Yeah and I thought, ‘You know what? I should introduce yourself to him…'” “Mooommm!” Came the doll’s lamented cry. “But I didn’t…” I said with a laugh. “Thank God! My high school friends have not been adequately prepared to meet my parents yet,” She exclaimed. “What? What does that mean?” I replied laughing. “Just what I said…” She replied and then tried changed the subject. “Hmm, me thinks I need to become more proactive in your high school life…” I said only half joking. “Please don’t,” She replied while I laughed and plotted my next move (yet appreciative that she did ask nicely saying “Please”).


Hmm, now, once I think of that next move, I’ll let you know…


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