roundabout stop…


Over the past three months, we’ve been living in a shared community of germs. Whether my kids are passing the flu to one another or a nasty cold, no matter what we’ve tried, we’ve been unsuccessful at eradicating those shared nasty germs. Last week the boy stayed home from school, suffering from a cold and going through two full boxes of tissues in the process. “Bay, seriously, you couldn’t have gone through all these tissues in one sitting,” I complained. “Mom, I can’t stand to have a stuffy nose, so I am constantly blowing, trying to clear those nasal passages,” He explained. Meanwhile, I made a note to buy more tissues to cover the spread… literally.

We’re under the impression the boy caught his cold from his sister, who happily told him, “Ha, sucks to be you,” When he complained to her about it. However, not two days later, the doll’s cough had deepened and the once almost eradicated cold came back with a vengeance.  “Karma, doll…” The boy said as he handed her his box of tissue and was rewarded with his sister sticking her tongue out of her mouth.

“I firmly believe the carpeting is the culprit,”  I complained to my husband. When our first dog passed away, we were going to install new carpeting, but didn’t have the money to do so.  Now ten years later and another dog who has accidents, I think that carpet is full of toxins that are hurting all of us.” “Perhaps, or they could be bringing it home from school,” He argued and so we tabled our decision until last weekend, when the doll’s cold had ramped back up and now all of us were fighting off a cold. “It has to be the carpeting,” I began argued again, “We can’t seem to get all the germs out of the house, regardless how well we clean. I think if we get these allergens out of the house, we’ll have a better opportunity to get well and stay well…”

So yesterday, while we both coughed and blew noses from the colds our children shared with us, we finally pulled the trigger, driving across town and ordering the materials needed to put hardwood flooring throughout our first floor. The only painful moment came when the samples the salesman gave me to take home, decided a sliver in my right index finger would be a good introduction. As such, I hope that darn sliver (so tiny it remains lodged in my finger) isn’t a harbinger of things to come with our new flooring.

When we arrived home, we were met by the doll who wondered what he had been up to, asking “Where have you two been?” “We went out and purchased new flooring for the main floor…” I replied and was met with an enthusiastic answer, “Thank GOD!!” Yes, my sentiments exactly!



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