preparing for the future…


The scene was familiar and has been played out numerous of times before.  The boy and I were driving to school this morning and I was giving him a lecture-or as he might say, “a tongue lashing”.  I reached a point where I expected him to reply, but was met with “radio silence aka dead air”. “Bay?” I asked and nothing happened. When we came to a red light, I reached over, pulled the wireless headphone out of his ears and said, “You know better, no headphones in the car!” “That’s a new rule…” He argued. “Yes new since you’re using that to tone me out. Well I have news for you mister, you’ll have to learn to tone me out, just like I learned to tone out my parents, the old fashioned way–without headphones!” Pulling the other headphone out, he offered a pale apology, “Sorry” and then listened to the rest of my lecture.

“You have to begin preparing yourself for college now…” I began again. “You need to be responsible for getting up for school on your own, because the only person your roommate will be responsible for is himself. Not you or anyone else. The only one who is responsible for you is you. In addition, as scary as this sounds, you’ll be an adult responsible for your own needs,” I said. “I went to bed when you said to last night…” He countered. “Bay, you argued with me at 11:30 about going to bed–which only makes my point. You need to be responsible for getting a good night’s sleep.” “Well, I did manage to take a 3 minute shower…” He said adding, “I know because I counted, 1, 2, 3…” Trying not to laugh, I went back to my tongue lash, er, lecturing saying, “Bay, if you recall, you took a three minute shower because I woke you up late. From here on out, you cannot rely on anyone to wake you up for school, other than yourself…” “I did set my alarm last night…” He offered. “But did you wake up to it?” I asked, “Oh, hell no…” He replied. “Bayy!” I countered and he laughed. “Don’t worry Momma, I’ll be fine…” He said before exiting the car at school.

Yes, fine getting kicked out of school the first quarter for missing all your morning classes… I said to aloud to myself, knowing I have maybe six months left to prepare him for his independent (please)  future.


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