Last Friday, when the kids climbed in the car to go home, the doll swatted her brother and said, “You didn’t tell me you were nominated for Super Fellow”.  “Oh yeah, sorry,” He replied. Sitting in the front seat, I horned in on their conversation, “What? What happened?” I asked. “He was nominated to represent the Film Club,” the doll added. “Nominated for what?” I asked, wanting to pridefully enjoy her answer. “Super Fellow…I think it’s like Homecoming Queen, except for boys…” “Yeah, it’s something like that,” the boy began before explaining, “Mom, once they narrow down their choices, if I’m still in the running, I need to write an essay, then go to a dance I think”. “The winter dance?” I asked. “I think it’s the Sadie Hawkins dance again-which is casual, so that’s cool…” He replied. “Then you have to wait for a girl to ask you…don’t you?” I replied, adding, “Do you think A will ask you again, considering you’ve turned her down three years in a row?” “Eh, I think I’ll cross that bridge if I need to…” He replied.

Considering all the good things I’ve been hearing about his likability/popularity at school, here’s to hoping he needs to…


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