superior character…


In 2013, the American Psychological Association declared Asperger’s was no longer a valid diagnosis, replacing it instead with High Functioning Austism Spectrum Disorder. With the boy preparing to go to college in the fall, we decided to have him re-evaluated, so the correct diagnosis would accompany him to school and he could qualify for any special programs they offer to help and assist students succeed.  Over the last month, the boy met with two social workers who interviewed both the boy and myself, administered an IQ test to him and gave questionnaires to the boy, myself and the school to fill out and return. Yesterday, the boy and I were given his test results.

Without going into much detail, he was diagnosed as a 17 year old female, High Functioning Austism Spectrum Disorder. “Are there any questions?” The therapist asked. “Um, yes, why does this say I’m a female?” He asked and the therapist laughed. Frankly, I needed to take another look, having not noticed the mistake. “Well, that’s because someone made an error while filling out the paperwork. Here, let me go change that,” She said as she grabbed a pen and crossed out the “F” and then circling the “M” at the top of the paperwork. “Good, because I don’t want there to be any wondering if I’m transitioning from a girl to a boy or vice versa…” he said while we all smiled in amusement, before the therapist returned to explaining the report to us.

Once all the material had been disseminated, the therapist asked the boy, “What are you planning on studying in college?” “I’m thinking I’d like to be an English teacher….” “Really?” She said before adding, “What grades are you thinking?” “Um, High School…” He answered. “For some reason, I don’t see you teaching in the K-12 setting. You come across to me more as a college professor…” She said while I enthusiastically agreed, adding, “Ever since he was two years old, we’ve called him the little professor…” “I don’t know, high school sounds good to me,” The boy replied which prompted the therapist to reply, “Whichever brings you joy, professor Boy…” before wishing us well and escorting us out of the room.


When we arrived home, but before we exited the car, my Facebook prayer chain sent a notification to my phone. Quickly I picked up the  phone off the car’s dashboard console and then replied with three “Praying Hands” emoji’s. Only seeing my phone from an angle, the boy asked, “Those are penises. Why are you putting penises on that screen?” Looking back at him oddly, I replied, “They’re praying hands…” and then lifted the phone for him to see the emoji’s better. “Oh, they looked like penises from this angle” He replied.

Upon closer examination…. if you blur your eyes just right and look at from an angle, the boy is correct! The emoji’s do resemble a male body part… that is, if you’re a boy.



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