copious amounts of time…


The other day on our drive home, the boy, who enjoys listening to his own voice; decided to fill me in on a project he’s undertaking, “I’m writing a campaign for my buddy’s,” He said. “A campaign? For what?” I wondered. “A campaign for their D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) game…all you need is a good story and knowledge that they will never follow the script,” he said and then elaborated, “You see, I’ve got copious amounts of free time which will allow me to write a comprehensive adventure for them…” “During study hall?” I asked. “No, I actually do school work there, but after school there’s just crazy amounts of free time…” He added and smiled, happy with himself. “Really!” I replied, not letting on what I really thought.


Since then, his father and I have called him out on all that “free” time. “Bay why are you getting a C+ in  Newspaper?” I asked. “Deadlines, I’m having a problem with deadlines,” he replied. “How can this be when you have COPIOUS amounts of free time?” I asked and was met with a frustrated groan. “Get the work done before anything else bay!” I commanded.

When I arrived home from work Tuesday evening, I found the boy seated on the floor removing carpet nails from our sub floors. “Hey, whatcha doing?” I asked him. “Dad has me pulling out these nails,” He said adding, “This is really cutting into my homework time”. “Homework? Isn’t that what your study hall is for oh but wait, who am I kidding, you have that copious free time you can use…” I added sarcastically.

“Mom, I think you’re adding more weight to that word than you should,” The boy said in reply. “But you’re the one who told me, ‘I have copious amount of free time’, so much free time that you can create these campaign thingy majigs for your buddies when they’re playing D&D…” I replied. “I just like saying the word ‘Copious’, I think it’s a cool word and in doing so I may have exaggerated how much free time I actually have…” He tried but I wasn’t budging. “If you’re not going to find a job to fill that ‘copious’ amount of time, then don’t be upset when you’re father and I find jobs for you…non paying jobs at that,” I added before walking out of the room chuckling to myself.

As one might imagine, the boy and his draining copious time, was not amused.


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