a short short…


The boy did not make the top five in the Super Fellow contest, which would have ensured his need to attend the Sadie Hawkins dance next weekend, but he didn’t seem too disappointed. “Are you upset?” I asked with true sincerity. “Not really…” He replied. “Well, I mean you bragged to me how you campaigned all day yesterday…” I returned. Thinking for a moment, he responded, “I had fun talking with everyone so that in itself was a win and now, even better, I don’t have to go to that dance.  Double wins!!” He said with a laugh. “I guess ‘A’ got smart this year and asked someone else this year?” I wondered. “I have no idea…” He replied, then mutually we allowed our end of the conversation to drop. Changing subjects, I began my interrogation of his sister. “What about you doll, are you going to the dance?” I asked. “No. If the boy had been nominated I would have gone in support of him, but since he didn’t…” She said. “What there’s no boy you would like to…” “NO” she said loudly; interrupting me, while I smiled in return. What about your friends, are they going?” “Um, I’m not sure…” She replied and then changed the subject to something else.

“Mom there was a girl from my class who got kicked out of school!” Did you know her?” I asked. “No, but she was in many of Allie’s classes and every time she saw me with her, she glared at me…” “What does that mean?” I asked, but was summarily ignored, “She was thrown out for threatening a teacher. Apparently she has some mental issues, which only makes me more worried since she use to glare at me…” “Doll, if she’s no longer in school, that glare can’t hurt you. As for the rest, say a prayer for her and her parents. What an awful thing to happen to their child…” “Mom, can’t you stop being a mom for once and be on my side?” My daughter said causing my to pause for a moment before answering her, “Doll, I’m always on your side, however, if you should happen to become mental and get thrown out of school for threatening someone, I would hope that others would pray for you and me to find some help…” I replied. Realizing she was wrong, she said, “I know, you’re right…”

(Yes, I’m gloating–she said I was right–a rare occurrence indeed!)



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