Smart boat….


One of the universities the boy is interested in attending held a scholarship testing day on Saturday, in which they asked him four logic questions before a brief interview and then held informational sessions for specific courses of study. “There is nothing here that can hurt you today…” The head of admissions announced to the crowd, “Only things to help you,” She added hoping to put the kids at ease. Tell me, do you all know what a smart boat is?” She asked and we all sat silent. After a beat she said, “It’s a Scholarship!” which made us all groan, then chuckle, before they got down to business and administered the exam to the students. Due to his recent autism evaluation, the boy qualified for additional time given and was escorted to another room to take the exam. Meanwhile, us parents were led away to another area, where the admissions head and the dean of students discussed the test and answered any questions parents had.

After the fifty-five minutes were up, we all came back to the auditorium, before splitting up by major to listen to the department heads discuss what the future degree looked like. The only problem being, the boy was no where to be found. Approaching our student contact I asked, “Where’s the boy?” “He’s still taking the exam,” She replied. “Grrrr” my husband said adding, “I’m not an advocate of the extra time. He’s going to overthink all the answers instead of getting to the point.”  About twenty minutes later, the boy entered the classroom, after finally finishing the test. “Bay what took so long?” I asked. “I thought what the heck, take your time, do my best. Turns out I was the last person done.” He replied.

After a brief lunch, the boy left to interview with a department head, while the hub and I waited his return. We struck up conversations with other parents, wondering where their children were looking and how far away from the school they lived. Turns out many of them were interested in the same school choices as my son. I laughed saying, “Who knows, we may meet again in a few weeks on a different campus,” while the other parents nodded in agreement.

Because the boy is also interested in journalism and theater, we were invited to listen to a presentation on the theater department as well as given a tour of the radio and television station located on campus. Afterward, as we approached our car, the boy remarked, “Before I come back to school here, I’m going to need better traction on my tennis shoes,” Which made his father and I take notice, encouraged by his optimism but guarded just the same.



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