strange talkative brew…


On a Sunday morning, in the not so distant past, I said to my husband in a tone indicative of someone not happy, “What are we going to do when the kids are completely grown and out of the house?” He smiled and replied, “Who are you kidding, they boy will move back in after college and never leave…” Pausing for a moment, I had to concede, he was probably right. But, honestly, it’s becoming harder and sadder for me to believe we are in the last four months of the boy’s high school career and what’s worse,  half my blog fodder will be gone from my immediate vicinity. Oh sure, the occasional phone call or the time he came home to do his laundry story will come up, but my poor doll will be my only one true source of blog entertainment.

(Praying) She better be good… (Praying some more) …in a not getting into too much trouble sort of way. (Still Praying)


Recently heard: “Mom, aren’t you proud of me, I actually have friends!” My doll exclaimed the other day. “What constitutes them as friends?” I asked, having heard up until that moment she only had acquaintances, not real “friends”. “I;ve actually had conversations with someone other than Allie, that were substantive,” She replied. “Good signs doll, all good signs,” I replied.


“I’m not sure why I’m talking so much lately, because this just isn’t like me,” She began, “I mean, I’m usually more reserved, but I can’t seem to keep myself in check lately. Maybe I’m just finally feeling better, or perhaps I’ve finally found my place in my strange, outrageous class–I have told you before how strange and out there they are right? Or maybe….” She continued in a long, stream of consciousness vibe kind of way. “Doll?” I interrupted. “Yes?” “How many of those Starbuck’s Frappuccino drinks have you had today?” I wondered. She gushed for a moment then said, “One before school, one after…” “I think one before school might be your limit,” I said with a knowing type smile. “Are you saying I’m talking too much?” She asked. “Oh, no, it’s just you haven’t stopped to take a breath…” She smiled again and said, “You’re probably right,” Before starting right back up from where she left off, “Or maybe it’s because we’re half way through the school year and all the presumptions people had coming into school have begun to fade away and we’re really seeing each other for the first time…” She paused then added, “Or, maybe you’re right, I’m drinking too much coffee…”

“Maybe a little of everything…” I offered as she exited the room.



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