alls good..


I have another partially written blog that I was going to post tonight, once I had a moment to do so. But instead, I feel compelled to tell you about the conversation I had with my kids, on the drive home today.

The boy made it to the car first, entering the backseat and saying, “I made quite an entrance today”. “What does that mean?” I said, as my son gave pleasantries to Mrs. K, seated in the front passenger seat. “I’ll wait until the doll comes in, to tell you her side…” He replied. “What does that mean?” I reiterated and he laughed. When the doll finally sat down behind me, he said, “Doll, tell mom about the assembly this afternoon…” “Oh yeah, there was an assembly,” She lamely said. “And…” I asked, feeling a bit frustrated by their lack of spillage. “They had the Super Fellow assembly and they announced all the Senior boys who were nominated,” She said. “So doll, what was your take?” He asked her. “Oh, you got one of the biggest applause,” She said before adding, “Which made me feel horrible…” Mrs. K, delighting in the conversation asked the doll, “That made you feel horrible, why?” “Because it was embarrassing!” She acknowledged as the car erupted in laughter.  “Plus I already had a pretty good sinus headache, which didn’t help matters.” She added, chuckling to herself.

“But did you see what happened?” The boy asked her. “I tried not to…” She replied. Mrs. K, turned and asked, “Why didn’t you see?” and the doll replied, much like she did earlier, “Because I didn’t want to be embarrassed by him…it’s bad enough people know he’s my brother…” and then began laughing. Truth of the matter is, whether the she’ll admit this or not, she looks up to her brother and is very proud of how far he’s come these last few years. “Okay bay, what did you do…?” I asked beginning to worry. “When they announced each candidate, we were supposed to walk on stage and shake hands with Fr. Rader. But you know me, I’m unconventional, so, when they announced my name and the loud applause began, instead of shaking his hand, I gave him a big old bear hug, which shocked him a bit (the boy then imitated what the priest’s surprised look was). Then when I released him, I turned, faced the crowd and gave everyone a “peace” sign, then a thumbs up, before exiting the stage.”

“Glad I didn’t see that…” His sister uttered and again the car erupted in laughter. After a while I said, “The biggest applause eh?” Very proud, happy to hear this. “Why should this be surprising?” The doll pointedly said to me before adding, “He knows everyone..” “Well, I try to know everyone. I’m just a very welcoming person…I’m friendly,” He explained. “Tell me, do your buddies know your affinity for giving hugs?” I asked. “Yes, and everyone seems to be fine with them, in fact that’s probably what endears me to them the most…” He explained. “Bay, that’s awesome,” I replied “But not awesome enough to get him into the top 5,” his sister noted. “Eh, hearing that loud overwhelming applause was more than enough validation,” the boy added and we all agreed.




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