The conundrum…


What is it about teenagers… or maybe just boys…. or more specifically boys in their senior year of high school… or more to the point, my boy… Why is he actively trying desperately not to participate in his own future…?

If you were to approach my son today and ask him, “What is the one thing your mom has been preaching (harping) to you over and over for the last year”? His response would be, “You need to be proactive and participate in planning your future. It’s not my responsibility to fill out your college applications or possible scholarship offerings, etc, that is your job!” If the next question was, “What was your response?” His reply would be, “I went back to playing my video game.”


I made the mistake a couple of months back, listening to girlfriends (who happen to have girls the same age as the boy), tell me how they’ve refused to help their daughters with their applications and follow-ups. “Oh no Marsha, I told her if she failed it would be her fault alone,” My friend explained. So, I pushed but did not help. I bothered him but did not fill out scholarship forms, I harped, but did not make sure he did everything before the deadlines.

So guess what? The most affordable college that he likes, he  he failed to fill out any of their necessary scholarship forms. This is the school who called him once, sometimes twice a week to remind him to fill out scholarship forms or maybe put a deposit down on a room, etc., but he never did. Whereas the most expensive university-the one who sent email/text reminders to me as well as to him, he did follow up on.  

I wonder why that is…

“If it was SO important, why didn’t they just call you?” The boy shouted when we informed him of his blunder. “Perhaps because you’re soon to be an adult on their campus and they felt the need to treat you as such; shame on them right?  You’re under a month away from being a legal adult. Don’t you think it’s time you start behaving as such? When you’re at school I won’t be there to hold your hand and fill out forms. It’s time bay to start taking responsibility for your own future” I lectured.

The moral of the story?  For as intelligent he is, my boy’s an idiot. Moral number 2: So are his parents for not making sure he was being proactive!! 

Sigh, student loans here we come…


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