the telephone game…


One of my pleasures each day, regardless how much I may complain to the contrary, is my daily drive home from picking the kids up from school. Usually, Mrs. K or Mr. L occupies the front seat, forcing the kids to ride in the back. As such, when they begin telling me about their day, they often times compete with the radio, my front seat passenger and the fact my ears are facing away from them. On Friday, the car ride conversation went something like this…

“According to my friends who take Algebra from Mr. D, but are in different class periods, his class schedule goes something like this, in the first two periods, he’s either really tired or really hyper. During third period, every day he slowly eats a banana. I don’t know what he does during 4th or 5th period, but by sixth and seventh, he’s back to either being really sleepy or really hyper. Today he was in a hyper mood…” My doll explained.

Mrs. K, who sat in the passenger seat asked, “What is she talking about?” Smiling I replied, “The many phases of her math teacher throughout the day…” I replied and then began to recount the doll’s tale, finishing with my naming of her tale, “The many phases of Mr. D..” I replied.

The boy, then questioned me, “Faces?” “Faces? Maybe, but I liked Phases better,” I said with a laugh. “Mom, you said faces,” The doll replied. “No, I said, phases…” But they wouldn’t hear my truth. Instead the boy began to snark, “Mom, this is like the telephone game, you’re really bad at it. You’ve just flunked the telephone game. “No I didn’t. I have good active listening skills,” I objected. “No you don’t, you never listen to what we say…” My doll added. Looking at Mrs. K I replied, “Can you believe my doll is saying all this to me, especially with her birthday on Monday?” Which made everyone in the car laugh. “But Mom, it’s true…” The boy began again. “Bay, you’re birthday is in three weeks. If I were you, I’d quit while you were ahead…” I explained and he laughed, “Alright, Momma.”



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