mundane distractions…


“Would you please leave…” The boy asked, frustrated his father and I did not understand. “No, I’m eating dinner, just do the job…” I said, pointing to the clean dishes located inside the dishwasher. “I fully intend to do the job, but not while you’re in the room,” He explained. “What? Why? Just do the job Bay, unload the dishes…” I replied and went back to eating. “You don’t understand, unloading the dishes is a mundane job so I need something to distract myself, while I do the job…” He explained. “What the hell are you going to do when you have a real job?” I asked him. “This won’t be a problem then…” He tried. “Bay, most jobs involve a large propensity of mundane work.  “What do yo need to distract yourself,” His father asked. “Normally, I’d listen to music, but since my headphones are currently broken…” “Don’t believe you’ll be able to wear headphones at work, because that’s a hazard. You have to be aware at all times, when doing any type of work,” I explained. “I won’t wear them at work, but I’d like to wear a pair now.” He tried again, but his father and I wouldn’t let it go…

“Bay, there’s a “TAP” behind you, just ask it to play a band…” I said. “No!” He replied. Grabbing the speaker, I said, “C’mon, name a band…” “NO!” He reiterated, “Play Beach Boys,” I said into the speaker and moments later, “Barbara Ann” began to play. “Mom!” He returned, embarrassed I remembered he liked the group. “Bay, unload the dishwasher…” I said then went back to eating.

“Mom, it’s not the music, it’s that you’re in the same room with me while I’m doing the mundane work…” He explained. “Bay, there will be times when you’re working, doing mundane work with someone else is in the room with you–a coworker, boss…you need to get past the embarrassment,” I explained. “Unlike you, I plan on being a teacher…” He said in return. “Until then, however, you will hold other jobs, doing mundane things, where others share the same room, probably doing mundane work as well. Who knows, perhaps together you’ll find a way to distract yourselves from the work. So get used to not having your way, to distract you,” I tried. “I’d rather not think about it,” He replied then went back to finishing his task and desperately trying to ignore me.


I don’t know, sometimes I think he goes a long way to make things more difficult for himself…


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