pitching a tent…


Mrs. K’s daughter has arrived for a three week visit which results in giving me some free time to write, get things done around the house and well, binge watch the latest offerings on Netflix. But first, a blog… I used to be able to write five days a week, even while working full time, primarily because the kids were entertaining. The older they’ve become however, the less interesting they have become (said with a hearty sarcastic laugh).

Here’s what I got at the moment…

At the end of March (we hope), the boy’s s high school drama class will host a production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, where the boy will act as stage manager. Last month while visiting Muskingum University, during a conversation with the head of the Theater department, the boy was admonished for calling the play by it’s actual name, rather than referencing the production as “The Scottish Play” to ward off bad luck. “I’m not a superstitious person,” The boy said in return, before adding, “But yes, we’re producing the “Scottish” play,” The theater head turned back to him and said, “Whether you are or aren’t,I’ve been in the theater world long enough to know, it never hurts to be safe rather than sorry…” He smiled, nodding in agreement and reaffirmed once more, “The Scottish Play”.

Apparently there is a national Latin test for the top 100 high school students in the nation, occurring sometime in the next month. The other day, the doll happened to say, “Oh yeah, I need to study for the National Latin test…” Not understanding the significance with what she said, I simply replied,  “You have a Latin Test on Monday?” “No the National Latin test is sometime next month…” She replied. “What?”I replied surprised. “Apparently only two kids from each Latin class across the nation are invited to take part in the exam and Mr. Russo asked me if I would represent the school”. “Wow, that’s cool!” I replied, proud of her accomplishment. “Eh, I think it’s because everyone else in my class has a life on weekends, so no time to study…” She replied. “Boo! Don’t say that. Being chosen is an awesome accomplishment and you’ll need those free weekend to study regardless,” I said. “We’ll see…” she shrugged.

More tomorrow…




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