the old song and dance…


One of the more fun times I get to experience in the mornings are the doll’s and bay’s quest to sit in the shotgun seat. “Doll, I’m the senior…!” The boy has argued. “Too bad, so sad, if you’re slow, you’re going to lose the seat,” She made her  argument clear on the second day of school. “I’ve been riding in the front seat the last three years. By virtue of age, the seat belongs to me,” The boy tried. “If you learn how to drive, you could have the front seat all you like. Until then, every person for themselves,” His sister countered and boy, he does not like playing by her rules.

Today he beat her to the car winning the front seat, while she acted nonchalant. “Ah ha, I’ve got shotgun!” he declared. “I’ve got a headache from your voice, please stop,” She replied and all I could think about was how in a few short months this argument will be gone and our morning drives into school will be boring.


This morning on the way to school, the boy connected his iPod to the car stereo and blasted out the tunes he wanted to listen to, while his sister lamented in between sips of cold coffee, “Mom my alarm clock has somehow become a part of my dream, but not enough to wake me from my slumber. It’s like a dumb noise is going off, but not enough to annoy me to action”.

“Maybe it’s time you employ two alarms…” I suggested, knowing full well that probably won’t help her either.


“You should listen to Genesis’ Home by the Sea,” I said to the boy, having awaken in the mood to listen to that song myself. “What do you know…” He said as the song sprung to life through the car speakers. “This is one of your dad’s favorite songs along with Second Home by the Sea, from that album. I remember when we saw them in con…” “Ma…Mom!” The boy interrupted. “What?” I replied. “I’m not taking Ancient History at the moment,” He said with a laugh. Shaking my head back and forth I mumbled, “I’ll give you something to remember…” Which only made him laugh more.

Ah yes, we had a nice drive to school this morning… no doubt the drive home will be just as interesting too.




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