With the best intentions…


We are a family of procrastinators, regardless our best intentions. This explains why my husband and I met with the school college guidance counselor early, to find help navigating college waters, so we wouldn’t miss the boat entirely. Though we are still wading through that process, I’ll have to let you know how well that worked out later.

Today I find myself seated next to my Bay, on his 18th birthday at the BMV, hoping to get his temporary driving permit. Have I mentioned we’re procrastinators?  “I have a real fear of dying in a fiery crash,” he told me the last time we broached the subject to get his temps. “Bay, we all have that fear…” I offered though, he was not amused. On New Year’s Day he announced his plans to get his license before leaving for college. “How about as part of your birthday?” I suggested and he seemed nonplussed by the idea.

“Now bay, do you think you could skip rehearsals after school to take the test?” I asked this morning. “Moment of truth, I haven’t studied…” he replied. “Baaayy…” “In my defense, I couldn’t find the information pamphlets in my room…”He replied. “And you never thought of asking your father where they might be (When my husband removed the carpeting in his room, he came across the driving pamphlets)? “Mom, it’s my birthday, must you interrogate me?” He asked and I smiled.

“Can we come back when there aren’t so many people waiting?” He asked, before resting his head upon my shoulder when I said “No”. For the briefest of moments, I was transported back in time to when he last  drooled on my shoulder or emptied the contents of his tummy on my shoulder, or the first time he fell asleep…or… you get the point. But then he lifted his head when our number was called and smiled, “Eh, that didn’t take long. All I had to do was doze off…” While leaving the BMV, the boy stopped, “I’ll be right there…” He said to me, and approached another person waiting for their number to be called. “What did you do?” I asked as he exited the building and replied, “I had to tell the man what a cool Deadpool shirt he was wearing,” he said with a smile.

“Yes we are a family of procrastinators, because looking  up the necessary items needed to bring with us, not to mention going to the correct BMV might have been of help to us today. So what’s one more day to push back that fiery crash scenario right…?

I guess he could have blamed this all on me, for walking around much of today in a daze.  God help me, Dylan Edward, my baby boy has turned eighteen and then after school registered for the draft (while I tried my best not to cry). On the drive home from our misshapen adventure he asked, “Do you think I’m ready to go away to college?” “I think your ready school wise, yes. But living on your own has me…” “Worried.” He interrupted. “Concerned”. I replied. “It’s okay to be worried about me, in fact I love when people are–shows they care,” he explained. “I’m concerned something bad will happen and it will take me three and a half hours to get to you. That time frame concerns me,” I explained. “I’ll be alright you know,” he answered. “So long as you stop procrastinating…” I replied. “You first…” He replied.

I sighed.



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