effing wednesday…


“Mom, there was this girl who came into the nurses office this morning, who evidently is a bit of a hypochondriac, because I overheard the nurse tell her “Your grades will be impacted if you go home,” and then the nurse asked her, what seemed to bet problem and the girl replied, “I know, but I just don’t feel good…”  “Yeah?” I replied. “I was like dude, I used that excuse like in first grade…” She explained and laughed. We were driving home from school early-on the recommendation of the nurse.

“So, tell me what happened?” I requested, adding, “I mean, could you feel this coming on or did it just hit you?” “I felt nauseous and really warm, but we were at the ‘Our Father’ part and I thought I could last a little longer… NOPE!”  She said and then added, “Poor Mr. R, I kind of startled him. “I bet. Did your brother come over to check on you?” I asked. “Yes. He said his friend A made him…” She replied with a deadpan tone. “Of course he did,” I replied and smiled.

Can you tell what the doll did at school today? When the school nurse called me earlier in the day, I had hopes she would make a swift recovery, but knew fool well, she would need me to pick her up. “I told her that maybe fasting isn’t for her today,” The nurse informed.  Thankfully, Mr. L was cooperative and remained in my car listening to Patsy Cline, while I went in and released her from the school’s care.

“Just think, you’ll be famous now….Oh you’re the girl who fainted…” I said as we pulled into our home’s driveway. “Uh, I’d rather not…” She demurred. I can’t say as I blame ya doll…”



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