Who is this redhead?


“Mom, you’re not going to believe what I did…” The doll said as she entered the car the other day. “No?” I replied. “I stopped in to see Mrs. B, the head of the science department after school, to talk to her about my possibly joining the women’s Lacrosse Team here at school,” She explained. “What?” I replied, because I know the game of Lacrosse and I know my daughter and I have never thought the two of them would go together. “My friend Meghan asked me to join so I thought, why not?” She said. “So what did Mrs B say?” “She’s going to email me the information needed, like the permission slip from a doctor to play,” She replied. “Ah… and you know, there is a lot of running in Lacrosse, right?” “I know,” She said. “And the last time I looked, you were not very quick…” I added. “I’m quicker than you think. If I want to run fast, I can,” the doll remarked.  After a few minutes, I said, “Well, you always have had good eye-hand coordination, which will help”. “Yes, I do, but I’m not even sure if I’ll be allowed to play and if I am, I’ll probably be riding the bench,” She replied.

As of today, she still hasn’t heard whether or not they are accepting additional players, but I have to add how proud I am for stepping out of her comfort zone and attempting a sport. In these last few months, I’ve watched her make concerted efforts to try new things and be more outgoing than her personality has allowed in the past. In fact there are times when I scratch my head and wonder aloud, ‘Who is this redhead and what has she done with my daughter?” To which her reply usually comes, “I’m not sure, but I’m liking where she’s taking me…”

So do I.



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