little pleasures…


For Lent this year, the doll has decided to give up chocolate, while the boy decided to adhere to the diabetic diet–giving up soda, candy and other sugar rich foods. The caveat being, Sunday’s are not a part of Lent, so both kids go a little nuts on Sundays, getting a “fix” to last the entire week. “Mom, it’s not fair how bad I’m craving chocolate,” The doll lamented. “Good thing you don’t have acid reflux and be forced to give up chocolate for life…” I replied. “I would literally die,” She said while I shook my head.

“Nice breakfast you’re having…” I said to her yesterday, watching her eat a single microwave chocolate chip cookie from a coffee mug.  “Hey,” she began, as she cradled her coffee mug closer to her in a protective manner, “I’m craving chocolate here..” She responded. “No condemnation from me doll, I just commented…” I said. “”Oh, I’ve been dreaming of chocolate all week so…” She said then went back to slowly eating her cookie. After a minute she looked back at me and said, “This wasn’t nearly as good as I had been dreaming…” Smiling I said, “Perhaps chocolate isn’t as good as you think it is, but rather you associate the flavor with fun times and memories, which is why you crave it so much”.

She stared at me for a moment as she thought over what I said, then replied, “Yeah, that’s not it. I think I need more than just in a single cookie with a few morsels. I know, I need a candy bar or something…Oh, I know, Aunt Ann gave me a Butterfinger I haven’t gotten to yet…” She said and began to happily skip out of the room. “Doll? Before eating the candy bar, how about eating something “good” for you first?” I suggested. “Dear mother…” She began, shaking her head back and forth, “chocolate is good for you…remember, it’s a salad”. “You’ve been reading too many GIF’s…” I replied while she giggled on her way out of the kitchen.



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