Income tax refunds…


Living room shortly after the start on Monday, Natural bamboo hard wood

For the past two and a half weeks, Mrs. K’s daughter has been in town, effectively giving me vacation time in March. Unfortunately, vacation time meant preparing the house for new floors, as well as working on many other needed household chores. Thus, even though I’ve had ideas, the timing just hasn’t been right and my writing has suffered. However, now that the floors are in and back to helping Mrs. K, I should be able to finagle some free time to write. Word of warning, they may be posted later than usual.


Over the years, we’ve used our tax refund to help pay the children’s tuition in school. Last year, I was blessed to have saved enough throughout the year, that our refund could be used for something else. Having studied gardening and the need for available light in our yard, my husband arranged to have a large oak tree removed.  This year, we decided to use the money to do a little updating to our home by repainting and installing new bamboo hard wood flooring, throughout the downstairs, including both kids bedrooms.

But updating the home wasn’t the only reason we chose to do this. Unfortunately, we have a very old dog who began defecating on the carpeted floor almost daily. In doing so, my asthma symptoms began to worsen as well as my temperament toward that old dog. So in compromise for keeping the dog alive, my husband agreed to the new flooring. The dog has also been reintroduced to her kennel while we’re not home, which seems to be a good compromise for the both of us.

Finished product Monday evening. End of day 1

Sunday night, we moved our living room furniture into the kitchen, so the installation could begin Monday. Then Monday night, all four of us worked to place both kids’ bedroom furniture into the living room–on the new flooring; without scratching the surface. Yesterday, once the work was complete, my brother in law Eric arrived to help us put the kids bedroom furniture back into place-kinda. “Mom, I’d rather my bed go here…” The boy said, redesigning his bedroom. “I don’t care bay, just remember, next year at this time, this won’t be your room…” I said with a wink and he grunted his reply. But the boy isn’t the only one who chose to switch things around. “Mom, must I have the armoire in my room?” She asked. The armoire is member of her bedroom set. “If you don’t want it, sure, but now we need to figure out what to do with it…” I said. “Okay,” she replied happy to open her room up further.

By the time we went to bed last night, tired from all the furniture moving, the doll came out of her room and complained, “This floor is too hard. I liked my old hardwood flooring and it was soft in comparison…” “That flooring was almost seventy years old, of course it was soft. Give this time, I mean shoot, it’s only been installed a few hours…” I said before adding, “But do me a favor and try not to drop anything that could shatter…” “Great, another thing I have to worry about,” she returned. Later when she came out to kiss me goodnight she complained again, “Mom, my feet hurt…this new flooring is too hard on my poor feet…” “Have you ever heard the expression, if you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say a thing?” I asked her. “How does that make sense about the floor?” She asked. “You’re hurting my feelings about my new flooring…” I replied before adding, “We’ll find you an area rug to help those poor tired toes of yours…”

Boy’s bedroom, back to normal, already clothes on the floor.

Doll’s finished bedroom, like her bro’s w/clothing strewn about.



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