weekend special…


On most weekends, the boy vacates the house to spend time with his grandmother, but for the last two weeks, he’s remained home. Confused, I looked at him on Saturday morning and asked, “What’s going on bay?” “What do you mean?” He replied. “You didn’t go over to Grammy’s again, are you sick?” I asked. “Eh…” He began, but I interrupted, “I know we’re in the last eight weeks of school and a short time after, you’ll be leaving for college. Are you remaining home to soak up all the atmosphere before you leave this summer?” I asked, blessing my sentimental boy for his choice. “Well, to be perfectly honest, I never get to play this…” He replied. “This as a son home on the weekends?” “This as in the Playstation 4…” He said bluntly.


On Friday, the kids did not have school, which, for the boy meant, all day video games. But for the doll, the day off afforded her an opportunity to eat lunch at the mall and see Beauty and the Beast on opening day, with her girl friends from school. When I picked her up afterward, she kept saying, “It was just nice getting together like real friends”. “Real friends, indeed,” I replied, happy for her. On Saturday evening, the doll and I attended a performance of The Addams Family Musical, put on by another area high school. This afforded her the chance to hold a mini reunion with her elementary girl friends, as Emily sang in the chorus. As the girls huddled giggling and gushing over Emily, I said her her parents, “The doll would like to host another sleep over in the coming weeks, if you’re interested.” “It’s nice that these girls continue to support and want to hang out, regardless what school they attend…” One of the parents remarked.”Having smart phones help,” I offered. “When I was in high school, my best friend attended school fifteen minutes away, except I lived in Michigan and she lived in Ohio-which was considered long distance at the time.  Needless to say, with our many phone calls, we built $400 phone bill…” Natalia’s mom commented. “Oh, whoa…thank goodness that’s not the case now…” I remarked trying not to laugh. “Oh, believe me, my parents gave me a lot of grief about that phone bill–probably would today if I brought it up,” She laughed. “Oh, I’m sure…” I replied and the conversation dropped.

On the ride home she said, “It was great seeing everyone tonight. We’re changing and going in different directions, but we’re still friends. I hope we always remain friends too…”

I hope so too doll, I hope so too.









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