moving forward…


The other day, the boy sat at our kitchen table telling me about some Dungeons and Dragon’s campaign he was creating with his friends, when his sister mentioned something concerning the end of the quarter. Stopping he looked quizzically at her, then me and said, “Oh man, the school year only has about eight weeks left… I gotta get… I gotta…” and then he bowed his head into his hands, looking a bit depressed.

“Ya bay, turning eighteen should have been the sign,” I said waiting for his response. “I know, but, still… I can’t believe I’m almost done with high school…” He replied. “Aren’t you excited and ready for it to be over?” His sister offered, believing that’s where she would be standing, if the roles were reversed. “No, I like school and my teachers. Next year is so far off…and I’m comfortable here,” He replied. “I gotta get busy…” He added, before getting up from the kitchen table and exiting the room.

“I don’t see why he’s all weirded out,” his sister offered. “No? Graduating high school and stepping out into the real world is getting him one step closer to adulthood and being responsible for himself. Your father and I have been trying to impress upon him this very thing for the last year, but he’s been resistant. You can’t resist when your future is staring you right in the face…” I replied and she nodded, taking it all in. “Plus, he’s lazy…” She remarked. “We’re all lazy in one form or another, but growing up is difficult to do. I know, I only did so in the last ten years,” I said and smiled. ” I watched as the doll turned her head to the side, as if trying to understand my last remark so I elaborated, “Doll, figuring out what you want to do when you grow up is a process–which is in the very beginning phase and will only get more intense once he leaves for college. The overall process can be daunting and down right scary–even for a boy who acts like he has everything together,” I explained.

She nodded in reply, bringing our discussion to a close.


I knocked on the door and entered the boy’s bedroom. “Are you okay?” I asked, concerned his realization of waning time was resting heavily on his mind. “I just have a lot of things to finish,” He replied. “Like…articles for the newspaper or homework?” I wondered. “No, the dungeons and dragons campaign I’m writing for my friends. There is so many options and landscapes I need to finish putting into place,” He explained. “I see,” I replied and told him to carry on as I left his room.

Yes, growing up is hard to do… “


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