a home with a view…


We’ve been thinking about the future…

Between recent college visits; looking to find the most affordable university, that will also be the best fit for the boy and figuring out where my husband and I will be in ten years can be exhausting. Last summer when our friends Matt and Laurie told us about their decision to move to Myrtle Beach, SC, full time–not to retire, but to live in an environment that had more growth potential (more job opportunities) than the one they currently found ourselves in; the wheels in my husband’s head began to turn.

The summers of his youth were always filled with a week spent at the beach in Surf Side, South Carolina. “I remember running out to jump into the ocean with my dad and thinking, when I’m older I’ll be doing this with my son from the same beach. Only difference being, instead of renting a week, I was going to buy a home…” He’s told me over the 27 years of our marriage. Hearing that Matt and Laurie were making his dream a reality, brought that old dream back to roost. The prospect of living so close to the Atlantic Ocean, in the next ten years became a bit of an obsession for him.

He researched the area, found out the laws and bi-laws and everything we would need to know about buying a house/manufactured home down there. Then last September, he sprung a last minute weekend trip and together we flew down to visit with our friends and pick their brains about the cost of living there and if this really could be a reality for us.

When we arrived home, following the visit, we tabled the discussion. “We’re bright white people moving to an awfully sunny, hot place…” I offered. “Would you be interested in moving there full time?” He wondered. “No…I can’t see myself living there. Vacationing there, couple times a year, sure. But living there I can’t–especially since we don’t know where our kids will land…and if there are grand babies…I’m going to want to live nearer to them…” I replied. “Maybe I can find a cottage closer to home…” He said and went back to his favorite obsession…looking at properties in and around our home area.

“What about this one…?” He’d ask, and I would look at the picture, semi-interested in what he was showing me. “Eh, I don’t know…” I’d reply and go back to what I was doing. At the end of February we had made the decision to go back to Myrtle Beach and look around, considering the busy season was fast approaching and the house values would begin to rise. “We’re going to need to get down there again if we’re really serious about this,” I offered. “Are you really serious?” He asked. “I think this could be a good investment for us–though I’m still not convinced I can live there full time,” I explained. “We’d have a permanent place to go on vacation that wouldn’t break the bank…,” He offered. “Then let’s go back and see,” I agreed.

View from front porch

Last Saturday, after spending three days walking through several manufactured homes, imagining ourselves living in every one, we found one we liked, within our price range that also included beautiful views from the front porch and made an offer–which was accepted. After signing the necessary paperwork, putting down some earnest money, we drove away in a daze. “Did we just do that?” My husband asked. “We did…” I concurred and then we sat in silence, as we drove down the road with no real destination in mind. “Are you okay with this?” He asked me for the zillionth time and I allowed a long pregnant pause to rest between us. “Marsh?” He asked again. “I”m happy you’re happy.  I’m happy with the choice we made. I’m happy we found one that fits all our criteria and I’m happy my future with you includes this home. I’m happy Matt and Laurie will be ten minutes away and are willing to act as “caretakers” when we’re not there. The only think I’m not happy about is that we won’t get back here until June,” I said. “We could always move…” He smiled. “In ten or so years, yes…and maybe then the doll will attend Carolina Coastal College…”

Small “party house” for 2

This morning my husband asked, “How do you feel, a few days removed; about everything?” I looked back and said, “I think our future is gonna be so bright, we’re gonna need shades…and plenty of sunscreen.”




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