checking out…


Friday afternoon as the doll and I exited our local Target store and approached the car, I noticed a Jeep full of teenage boys parked next to us. Only their car was facing out toward the parking lot, while mine was parked facing away. Deep in conversation, the doll was caught unaware of the other car until we sat down inside ours. “Oh my gawd, down’t look!” She said and I smiled. “What?” “I didn’t see them, I’m not looking, I’m not looking,” She said, her face red with blush as her hands raised to cover her face. “What? Haven’t you ever noticed boys checking you out before?” I asked with a laugh. “NO!”  She said with a laugh and a slight slap to my right arm. “Doll I’ve been telling you for years how beautiful you are…now you have valid proof,” I added. “It’s a little different when it’s your mom telling you that stuff…” She returned.

“You know I wasn’t trying to look at them, I just happened to make eye contact with one when I looked toward you…” She said. “Which one….the driver or the passenger with the ball cap on?” I asked. “The one with the ball cap…” She gushed. “Well he was a cutie…” I remarked and she laughed, “Yes he was!!” Her face growing redder with the admission. “One of these days doll, you’ll have the confidence in your look to say, “Of course they’re checking me out, cuz I’m fabulous…” I returned and she laughed, “Uh I don’t think that will ever happen”. “Something to aspire to doll, something to aspire to…”


Last night as she kissed me goodnight and headed to bed she said, “Mom?” “Yeah doll,” I replied, “The boy in the ball cap really was cute!” she said, her voice rising when she said “cute”. I smiled and said, “Oh brother”, before offering up a prayer of hope she keeps her smart head when dealing with “cute” boys.


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