children young and old…


The boy had his mind made up… “I’m going to lunch with my Grandma,” He announced following mass. “No you’re not, we’re going shopping for clothes,” I said, noting the entire family was going and at last check he was still a member so… “I don’t need any, I’m good,” he argued. “Bay, you need shorts for the summer,” I countered. “No I don’t, I have some from last year!” He yelled then began foraging through his closet to prove his point. When he emerged, he wore a very tight pair of shorts that made me think he was sucking in his gut to make fit. “These barely fit you…” I remarked. “They’re fine,” He replied stubbornly. “Bay, I dare you to sit down and not lose a button…” I said and watched his face grow more annoyed by my chiding. “They’re fine mom!” He declared and exited the room. “Looking at his father I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Eh, he’s eighteen. Who am I to care when he realizes those shorts are too tight and he missed the chance to rectify the situation?” “Oh but he’ll complain hardy about them,” My husband replied. “…and I’ll ignore heartily as well…” I finished.


You know your doll is growing up, when she no longer objects to your coming into the dressing room while she tries on bikinis. Of course this was after we chased her father out of the bathing suit area of the store. “You look like a stalker,” I remarked, as he leaned against a mirrored post watching as we, along with several other women of various ages, looked through the racks of suits. “What?” He replied. “Dad, oh my god, you are!” his daughter laughed. “How? I’m just waiting for you two…” He argued. “Go over and sit down in the shoe department,” I ordered, pointing in that direction. Instead he decided to really stalk, and walked very close to his daughter. “Dad…” She said laughing, “Michael!” I said a little louder, while trying not to laugh. “Whoa dad, she’s calling you by your full name…you must be in trouble–you stalker!” Our doll said to her father. “Fine, fine, fine… maybe I’ll go look at puppies instead…” He said offering a parting shot in her direction. “Dad, you are not allowed to see puppies without me…” He flashed a maniacal smile, turned then walked off toward the shoe department. Looking at me, my doll said, “He’s a brat!” I smiled and said, “Known that for 27 years and nothing has changed”.




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