has the sky fallen down?


If you wanted to know the biggest difference between my kids, besides sex, my answer would be simple: the doll is organized whereas the boy flies by the seat of his pants.  That is to say, her mind likes to make lists and plans, whereas her brother would rather leave things to fate–and see what happens. But the other day, the boy said something curious to me, “Mom, I think I may be organized…” I gasped for a moment, wondering if this was indeed my boy, but the ensuing conversation clarified matters and yes indeed, this was still my boy.

Over the last six months, my son wrote a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for his friends. This was his first foray into creating a “game” history along with the specialty powers each player would have. As an uninterested parent in the game Dungeons and Dragons, I didn’t quite understand everything he told me, when he began assembling his ideas for the campaign, but encouraged him anyway.  From what I understand, he wrote the background information and came up with all details and consequences which could occur for each character.  In addition, he consulted his friends on their characters and then wrote the background story for all of them; culminating with his friends gathering once a week at a local library or a friends house, to play said game.

Last Saturday was their first meeting and playing of the game.

“Whoa, mom, do you realize? This is the first time the boy will be meeting with “friends” outside of school?” His sister asked, proud of her brother, yet not enough to let that small dig go by. “Yes, and for a great reason,” The boy countered. Very excited that his hard work (reference: “Copious Time”) was coming together, he said, “All my planning is coming to fruition, I can actually say I’ve mastered the art of organization…”  “Wha?” I began, but he cut me off adding, “Wait, wait, I would ‘t say mastered…” He began, “We don’t want me to put the cart before the horse, it’s  more like…I’ve learned the value, but still not completely ordered…”He finished. “I know, how about saying you’re a work in progress?” I offered. “Yes, that’s it, I’m a work in progress at organizing and planning my time,” He said proudly and then laughed, “Actually, I’m still a novice”.

“Baby steps buddy bay, baby steps…” I replied as he nodded in my direction..


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