Mom is the greatest Easter basket hider ever–or so she believes…


My doll made the mistake of telling me how proficient she is at finding things–namely Easter baskets; the other night. Considering one year I hid her basket on the shower curtain rod and she was in tears fearing the Easter Bunny had forgotten her, until she took her shower before mass, I thought her challenging me wasn’t the smartest thing for her to do. 

So when my kids finally went to bed (well after 1 am on Holy Saturday, I might add), I began to look around my house for the greatest hiding place ever… 

and sighed. 

My doll has an exceptional eye for detail. If I was going hide the basket well, I was going to have to do so in an extreme way. Mulling over my limited options, I began to doubt my ability at pulling this off. 

But then genius struck! 

At our house we have 5 different bird feeders, that offer an array of food–one of which contains shelled peanuts. On a recent trip to the Anderson’s we took advantage of their closing discounts and bought a 30 pound bag of peanuts. After successfully digging out a sufficient number of nuts, I placed the basket inside, then covered the basket back up with the removed peanuts. After snapping a photo of my handiwork, I went to bed, satisfied I had met my goal.

Do you see the basket?

Easter morning I was scolded by my son for not hiding his well–I put in his bedroom thinking it was in such plain sight he’d never notice–you know like dirty dishes in the sink. Apparently he found his immediately. His sister however,  had a much more difficult road to hoe. “I can’t believe I haven’t found it yet,” she lamented while I smiled. After thirty minutes she said, “Okay playing hot cold hot cold, how hot am I to it’s location?” “You’re warmish…” I replied. She moved to the right of the room , “Now?” “Coldish…” I said. She came back to the warmish area and paused for a moment, looked down at the bag of peanuts and said, “I can’t believe I didn’t notice earlier…” then began to dig out the basket. “Admit it doll…” I began, “Admit that I’m the greatest basket hider of all time!!” I chided. 

“Mom, that won’t happen based upon where you hid my basket,” the boy butt in. “I’m not talking to you,” I said then returned my full attention back to my doll. “I’ll say you’re the greatest at making me clean up the mess…” She said as peanuts covered the floor due to her extraction. “Say it doll…” I tried again. “Doollll…???” I added. 

“What do you want me to say?” She asked, trying to act obtuse. “That I am the best basket hider ever…” I reminded her. “Oh. Hmm. That…” She said and the pauses as if she had to overthink her response. “Well, you did a horrible job on the boy’s which clearly knocks you out of the beat basket hider’s ever category…” She began, and just as I was ready to object again she added, “But I have to admit, mine was hid really really well. Good job, Mom!” 

Though she didn’t quite tell me I was the “best basket hider ever,” like I wanted to hear, she did offer me a pat on the back–which I gladly took. I mean heck, I got some acknowledgement of good from a petulant teenager which as most parents of teenage children know, is a victory unto itself. 

Even though the rest of us know the real truth! 


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