Souvenir shopping

We came, we walked a little slower and we ate really good food. Yet, much as I feared, the Magic Kingdom no longer held the appeal it once had. The boy, who still can’t believe we’re here, didn’t really wasnt interested in going on many of the rides–he deemed they were for a younger audiance and the one ride my doll wanted to ride was broken down. So, much like the day before, we wandered through the crowds, entering every store they had looking for souvenirs instead. In addition, the crowds we were surprised not to find at the other two theme parks, we found here. 

Smile for camera Grammy!

After suffering from the heat, crowds and aching feet, hubby, boy and Grammy retired back to the resort, while the doll and I continued on. Two hours later though, we met back up for dinner at The Wave, inside the Contemporary Resort at Disney. Talk about a fancy joint and delicious joint! Then we returned to our cozy resort, where we rested our tires and aching feet, legs and joints (getting old sucks!).

Today we’re off to the Animal Kingdom–my personal favorite place in Disney. Here’s hoping for my memory is correct and we’re all leave happier for the adventure. 

Daddy’s little girl holding hands with him too…


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