Happy hack inside the Animal Kingdom


Lunch w/Donald…

Yesterday my doll found the single greatest hack inside the Animal Kingdom at Disney, as we exited the Expedition Everest ride our first time. “Look mom, they have a single rider line…” she said pointing back toward the ride. We looked at each other and smiled-stashing away that little nugget of knowledge for later, when we could return and take advantage of that line–which we did two more times, once with the boy in tow. The doll was placed in the last car one of the times and delighted in telling us, that was the best car to be in. I don’t know, going on a roller coaster with out standing in a very long line period,  is the best, in my opinion. 

    But I digress…

    Ah yes, the Animal Kingdom–the park we routinely pick as our favorite from all the Disney theme parks. Why you ask? Because the Animal Kingdom is a walking zoo accented with beautiful sculptures, fun attractions and has an all around good vibe to it. In addition, where else can my brood of animals feel like they most belong?  

    One of the many bamboo stands

    Although, our first hour in the kingdom was not all fun and games. Surrounded by a mass of humanity, one wrong turn can mess up your plans. We had passes for the African Safari ride from 11:10-12:10 and were all headed in that direction, when the boy veered off thinking there were more animal exhibit trails. I followed him, so as not to lose him and the doll followed me for the same reason. When we reemerged on the main trail, we had lost Dad and Grammy. Believing we would all eventually meet at the safari ride we began walking in that direction, but when we arrived, no Grammy or Dad were found. “You two sit here…” I said to the kids and then began walking back toward the spot we lost them. No luck. When I returned to the kids, I tried calling and texting but somehow we were in the only dead spot in the park. “Let’s go on the ride…” I said, out of ideas. When we exited the ride, we found them, upset with us, going on the ride by themselves. Later we found we were within 20 feet of one another, at the entrance to the ride, yet blind.

    The boy asked for a window seat to presumably protect his sister from lions and other nefarious beasts…

    For the most part, the rest of the day we were able to stick together. Whether it was enjoying the many walking zoo trails, or the taking part in the tremendous buffet lunch at the Tusker House (where we also met so many iconic Disney characters) or when we rode the Expedition Everest roller coaster as single riders, we enjoyed the company of our little brood. Our night culminated by watching the Rivers of Light, a night time extravaganza that helped usher in the end of our extraordinary vacation to Disney. 


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