kids and their ways….


Yesterday, on our way to  the grocery store, something I said to Mrs. K, made her reply excitedly, “You’re right?” I smiled back at her and said, “Maybe with you, but never to my kids–just ask them!” Which made her laugh and agree, “Yes, parents are always wrong with teenagers.

Later that day, while at the grocery store, we ran into an old acquaintance of mine with whom I introduced to Mrs. K. “Does she take care of you?” Sandy, my friend asked her. “Oh very well, yes,” Mrs. K replied. “She must be like a daughter to her,” Sandy replied and I cut in and said, “Oh no, better because she let’s me boss her around,” Which made Mrs. K giggle. “That’s true…” She added. “When was the last time you let your kids boss you around?” I asked and we all smiled in reply. “Exactly! No, Mrs. K and I have a great relationship…” Before we parted company.


The kids don’t have school today due to testing for the Junior class. Yesterday, the doll, luxuriating on the couch turned to me and said, “Tomorrow, I’m going to eat pancakes and lay around all day. ALL.DAY!” Looking incredulously at my daughter, I said, “What make this different from any other day on the weekend?” Without missing a beat, she replied, “It will take place on a Wednesday…”


When I arrived home for the evening, I found two kids laying on the couch and sofa, lost in whatever was playing on their devices. Meanwhile, the dishwasher I had asked them to empty, still contained all their dishes. “Hey, so I ask you to empty the dishwasher and instead I get to kids engaged on the internet, ignoring me? What the heck?” The boy immediately said, “Dollll?” “Why are you pointing the finger at me?” She asked. “Because I nominated you for the job and Dad agreed you’d be perfect for the job…” Dad, seated next to the doll looked at the boy and said, “Leave me out of this”.  The doll who did not take kindly to her brother’s reply said, “Why don’t you get off your lazy butt-you who never does anything?”

“I know…” I began, “why don’t you both get up off your lazy butts, get in the kitchen and unload the dishwasher!” I interjected. The doll immediately popped to her feet and continued to yell at her brother as she walked into the kitchen. “NO I DON’T WANT HIM IN HERE WITH ME. HE NEVER LOADS OR UNLOADS THE DISHES. HE NEVER GETS INTO TROUBLE, EVER!” “I beg to differ, in fact he loaded the dishwasher the other day,” I replied. “No he didn’t!” She argued, refusing to back off her position. “Doll, you made dinner right? What did you do with the dirty pots and pans?” I asked and waited an eternity (ten seconds) for a reply.  “Yeah, he loaded them while I cleaned up the stove and counter. Quit your pity party. I mean hell, I don’t ask you to do that much around here… I mean you’re both in charge of keeping the downstairs bathroom clean, but it looks like a hurricane came through in there,” I added. “I DO CLEAN THE BATHROOM IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW!” “No you don’t, otherwise….” I began but was cut off by her angry reply “I CLEAN THE BATHROOM ONCE A MONTH!”

“Funny, I didn’t know germs only accumulated once a month…” I replied and then made the boy go clean the bathroom, while his sister unloaded the dishwasher. “Good God you two,” I muttered under my breath,



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