Senior Week…


When I picked the kids up from school on Friday, the doll came to the car and said, “The boy’s going to take a while coming out, he’s busy collecting signatures on his shirt”. “On his what?” I asked not sure what I heard. “His classmates are signing his shirt,” She explained. When he emerged from the school, his smile was wider than his face, “Mom, my shirt is covered in signatures…” He said with a laugh. “Really?” I asked, as I turned around to see him open his coat and reveal his heavy signature laden shirt. “Lord, is that your entire class?” I asked admiring the number of visible signatures. “No, I’m going to bring it back on Monday to get the rest,” He explained before adding, “This kicks off Senior week…the last full week of school before finals and graduation,” at which his sister added, “Yeah, he gets to wear jeans to school all next week”.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment when the boy said, *Senior Week* and then it felt as if all the air was released from my belly when  *The last full week of school before finals and graduation* came from his lips. All this ragamaround filling out paperwork, applying for loans, applying for colleges, pushing to do his homework, pushing him to essentially get out of his own way of success… all is coming to an end and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel.

“But don’t worry mom, I won’t be wearing the shirt–that would be gross…” He said which brought me back to the present. “Well, we can all thank God you finally figured that out,” I added and he agreed with a chuckle.


This morning, after yelling for the kids to get up for school (as they slept through their alarms), the boy and I continued our daily morning ritual of arguing about his time management; I came to an important conclusion. Next year, I will not miss screaming at my son to take a five minute shower to wash both his hair and essentials while he yells back how impossible a task such as this is.

No sir, I will not miss this daily dumb, morning ritual.  Instead I will embrace the here and now and say, “Hurrah, for Senior week!!!”

Hurrah indeed.


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