migration season…


White Throated Sparrow

This Saturday, the boy and his best friend Alexa, will accompany me out to Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, located along the banks of Great Lake Erie to participate in the annual Warbler bird migration across the Great Lakes. But I have to tell you, I’m chomping at the bit to get out there now… The wide variety of birds usually hang out for about two weeks before continuing on and we are at the end of that two week jaunt. “You like birds more than us…” My doll interrupted as I busily focused my camera lens before snapping a picture near one of our feeders the other night “Hush!” I said before adding, “The birds are more exciting and colorful than you two…” Which as you might expect, resulted in my shoulder connecting with her slapping hand, accompanied by, “Nice mom, nice”.

Female Grosbeak waiting on a friend.

To be fair, what began as my attempt to connect with my son (his love of birding) has blown up into my own love of birds and their migratory habits. For instance, who knew there was so much difference between a white crowned sparrow versus and white throated sparrow versus an singing sparrow versus a female grosbeak? I mean seriously, not long ago, I figured they were all the same bird. Yet, just like everything else in this world, diversity rules and the many birds who fly through this area in early May are as diverse as they come and their little nuances make for some excitement-especially when they don’t hang around this area long.

Honey, I’m home…#NorthernFlicker


So until I can get out to the Marsh this weekend, I’ll have to be content taking Mr. L and Mrs. K out to the many Metroparks, Window’s on Wildlife centers in the hope of seeing someone out of the ordinary.

Is this a bird, or a plane or a…?






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