ode to spring…


Spring is in the air as is young love… or young crush rather. My doll has had an interesting few weeks here as her girlfriends became aware of her “crush” for “J” and have been needling her ever since. Not that she really minds, but rather the widening circle of who knows could potentially lead to him knowing-which terrifies her to no end.

“Mom, I just relegated Jacob to the friend zone,” She told me the other night. Looking back to her, she looked very uncomfortable-like she had swallowed something awful; as she tried to reconcile what she just did.”Jacob? Who’s he?” I wondered. “He’s the one I tell you about all the time-he’s nice but really moody,” She explained. “Okay…” I replied and then waited for her to continue. “Well, on Instagram, he posted a picture of his new kitty (as a point of reference, ever since her birthday, the doll has been envious of every animal picture her friends have posted on Instagram) and I told him I thought his kitty was cute.” She began. “Emboldened that I commented about his kitty, he told me he liked me and wanted to know if we could get together this summer sometime. But I told him I would rather we just be friends…” She explained further. “You are aware you’re allowed to blame me…right?” I asked her. “Yeah, I just feel really bad that I turned him down…” She said as she sat down next to me.

Wrapping my arm around her shoulder and pulling her close, I replied, “Is this because of “J”? “No. I think this has more to do with his moodiness than anything else,” She replied. “Then don’t feel bad. Perhaps you’ll become better friends and see what develops from there,” I said and she nodded in agreement. A few days later, after she confided in her friend Heather, she told me, “Heather and Jacob are friends and she told me not to feel bad for turning him down–in that he’s not a very nice boyfriend”. “Perhaps your instincts were right then?” I offered and she shrugged, but was decidedly more relaxed by her decision.

“Plus…this leaves more time to pursue “J”” I said, knowing full well what her response would be. “MOM!!!” She said and then we both began to laugh.



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