Mr. Spitz…


Last Thursday morning, I informed the boy of my desire that he receive a hair cut, following school that day. To which he replied, “I’m not sure I’ll have the time”. Knowing Thursday’s he doesn’t leave school until 4:30 pm due to film club, I acknowledged his late release time but added, “I think we’ll still have time,” a bit annoyed by his assertion. “But I have that One-Act tonight,” He replied. “One-Act? What One-Act?” I asked. “I guess I forgot to tell you… the drama club is producing a One-Act tonight and tomorrow and I have a role,” He explained. “A speaking role?” I wondered. “A non scripted role as a waiter…however I’ve been encouraged to ad lib,” He replied with a smile. “Does this waiter have a name?” I inquired and he replied, “Yes, Mr. Spitz… I gave him that name,” He added with a broad smile. “Ohhkay…” I said encouraging him to elaborate… “I named him Mr Spitz as an homage to wait staff that spit in your food…” He finished. Shaking my head back and forth I said, “Let’s hope you don’t infuriate any wait staff in the audience…”  Which only seemed to make his smile grow wider.


Having had the opportunity to see the One-Act play Thursday night (also-I was successful in getting his hairs cut too, with plenty of time to spare), I strongly encouraged my husband and daughter to accompany me to Friday’s performance. The doll saw this as a wonderful opportunity to see “J”, who also had a small role in the play.

When we arrived, the forum was quickly filling up  but we  managed to find three open seats up toward the front. The doll entered the row first, followed by myself and then her dad, forcing her to sit next an older lady.  When “J’s” character arrived, I took a few pictures with my iPhone, more as a way to tease the doll(which of course made her face grow red w/embarrassment), than for any other reason. 

The hilarious play “Love is Blind” written by the drama teacher, offersed several glimpses at first dates gone awry. Every one of my boy’s ad lib’s as the bumbling waiter  Mr Spitz. (Who did pretend to spit in a wine glass as a way to clean the glass), brought bursts of laughter from the audience, so much so that his drama teacher made a point of telling him (in front of me) that he should pursue acting at the university in the fall–he would be a wonderful addition to any theater team; to which the boy demurred.

In the meantime, the doll met up with a few of her friends who also came to see the play (and support J and a few other classmates), but I noticed she kept looking over at the older woman she sat next to with great curiosity. Casually walking over toward J and the woman, I realized what all the fuss was about–the woman was talking with “J” in a familial way. A moment later, the drama teacher came over and was introduced  to the woman where he gushed about “J’s” acumen for acting. Then the woman reached up, pet “J’s” cheek, before embracing him and saying her goodbyes–all the while the doll curiously looked on-while desperately trying not to be.

Later when we exited the building I looked over to her and said, with the most incredulous, over the top voice I could muster, OMG doll, you sat next to “J’s” Grandmother!!!” Seething back at me she replied, “I can’t believe my own mother is mocking me about J”, then laughed and added, “But can you see why I think he’s so cute?” And then gushed. I smiled and nodded adding, “I’m not mocking you… rather gently teasing you, that’s all”. “Whatever you say mom,” She said and then added, “Well?” “Well?” I mimicked before realizing I hadn’t answered her really important question, “Oh, yes, I can see why… you most definitely could do worse,” Which seemed to set her mind at ease. 

Yet, in hindsight made me worry that I’d just given her permission to agree to date him, if given the chance. I guess we’ll have to see…





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