It gets better…


The other night, while walking through Costco, my husband and I enjoyed a hilarious conversation. To the best of my recollection, it went something like this…

Me: As the boy and I were driving home from the mall this afternoon, he tells me he’d like to call his friend and apologize for not going to Cedar Point (amusement park) with her (Senior skip day) today… of course it’s like two in the afternoon when I hand him the phone. So the call went right to voicemail and he said, “Uh hi, I want to apologize for not getting back with you about going to Cedar Point today….” “Buddy, elaborate…” I whispered to him. “You see I have strep throat and I don’t want anyone to get sick. Well anyway, I’ll see you at school tomorrow, bye” and disconnects the phone.

Hubby: He’s so goofy.

Me: I told him the same thing and he replied “I have a lousy conversational style on the telephone”. *Note I’m usually imitating his voice at this point.

Hubby: I reiterate, he’s so goofy! (we both smile and laugh)

Me: So we’re driving along and the phone rings and it’s his friend, returning the call to tell him that her voicemail won’t open, so she’s wondering what the voicemail said and he replies, “Oh yeah, I just said I’m sorry I can’t go to Cedar Point with you today…” and she replies, “Well it’s the middle of the afternoon now, we wouldn’t be going anyhow…” He grimaces and replies, “Yeah, but you know what I mean…” and she says, “It’s okay, I got a lot of stuff taken care of at the University for next year today…”  So, their conversation progresses to his wanting her to sign his school shirt on Friday and her reply is typical, “I’ll take up the whole shirt if you’d like…”

Hubby: Does this story get better?

Me: Yes, goofball, it get’s better–now listen… So as their conversation is beginning to wind down, she says, “Oh hey, if you happen to see my mom and she asks you about Cedar Point, please don’t tell her we didn’t go… you see she threw $50 at me for the ticket and I really want to keep that money. Dylan turned and looked at me with a startled smile on his face and I began to laugh. Then she said, “Wait, did you just tell your mom?” “Uh, I guess this would be a good time to tell you my mom’s phone is connected to the car radio…” and I jumped in and said, “Hi Sweetheart…I won’t tell your mom… I mean, I’ll try to avoid your mom at graduation if you like…” “Oh, Hi… no, that’s okay. A head’s up next time would be nice Dylan,” She said which drew their telephone conversation to a close.

Laughing my hubby replied, “You’re right, it did get better. What a goofball our son is..”

Me: The apple does not fall far from the tree…


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