laughter to cut the tears…


May 23. 2017 Cathedral Baccalaureate Mass

“It’s okay, Mom, just breathe…” The boy said to me as we drove to the Rosary Cathedral; the sight of the 2017 Graduating class’  Baccalaureate Mass. “Shh…” I said then took a deep breath, tried to speak again, then accepted his “It’s okay…” as I tried to recompose myself. “This is so dumb…” I said aloud, then laughed and tried to put a sentence together without tears but couldn’t quite muster the ability. Trying to think of something else, I finally managed, “Bay, you see, these four years… it’s just the first eight years took forever–at least they seemed that way. But now– it’s so fuzzy and you’re here and…” then I quit, knowing the tears I was trying to keep from ruining my make-up, were going to do so regardless. “I think what’s the most difficult for me to understand,” The boy began, “Is that now, I’ll be considered an adult…”

With his admission, my tears of sadness only moments earlier, were immediately transformed into tears of laughter as the tables turned and now I attempted to console his fears of growing up. “Mom, I’m serious. It’s a bit disconcerting for me to be considered an adult,” He added. “Bay, there’s more to being an adult than a high school diploma…” I replied. “Oh I know, it’s just…” “You have to be responsible now, right?” “Yeah, I can’t lay around in my underwear anymore and play video games all day, instead of going to work or class…” He explained. “I see…” I chuckled. “Well, don’t fret about it today…” I offered as we turned into the church parking lot and my big kid, with graduation gear in tow, began walking toward his destiny.


When I left to spend the afternoon with Mr. L today, the boy sat happily on my sofa, in nothing but his underwear, playing video games. “I see you’re putting off adulthood for one more day?” I asked. “Not putting off, but rather,  still getting used to the idea”.  “Uh huh…” I said before turning to leave.




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