in days of old…


When I first began writing my Mean Mommy’s Blog, I was a stay at home mom with plenty of time on my hands. Today, when I finally get a chance to sit down and write, the day is over and my writing abilities and stamina are long gone. Between working with the elderly (who deserve my undivided attention while in my care) and my children’s developing lives, I really haven’t been able to find the time to write; which is sad, because a lot of neat things are happening and if I don’t write about them, I’m too soon to forget. Yes, being 53 is tantamount to losing one’s brain. 

But alas, this is where I happen to be at the moment. So, something has to change. Either I quit working (that would not be beneficial to anyone) or scale down-which I have been doing. But something has to change so I can clear a path for writing-both for my readers and for myself. I miss the act of writing, editing and publishing. I truly aspire to write something daily, but can’t seem to make the connection from my head to my fingertips to the keyboard. 

So this is where we are…

This Mean Mommy’s Memoir will continue to exist when I find time to write and tell you funny stories, but with a twist. 

Last year shortly following the political conventions, I began posting beautiful pictures as a way to spin some beauty around the ugly campaign season and found doing so helped make myself feel better too. As we’ve seen from recent days, while beauty is all around us, somehow humans are inexplicably blind-preferring to see and invent evil at every turn. Therefore, I’m bringing back the pretty pictures-human, plant, earth, water, sun whatever tickles my fancy. These I will try to post daily, but via my other blog site, Segues on the Path. This way maybe we’ll all start to experience some joy and begin to feel better about the world around us (politics be damned). But if not, at least I will. Look for this blog to begin Monday June 26.


As for the Mean Mommy’s blog, it will remain the same; something akin to this. Enjoy! 

Last month at the start of the boy’s Baccalaureate Mass (Catholic graduation ceremonial blessing) a thought occurred to me that I decided to share with my hubby. Opening my iPhone, I typed into my notes section of my phone “I think I may have left the iron on” then handed my phone to my husband-who was seated on the other side of my doll in between us. Shaking his head in a “So?” manner, I retrieved my phone and wrote, “Let’s hope the house doesn’t burn down…” and handed my phone back to him. Leaning across our doll, he noted, “Don’t you mean pray, I mean we are in the perfect place to ask that our house doesn’t burn down…” Looking back at him, wanting to smack him, I only nodded. Our doll, sensing my ire leaned over and said, “Dad’s right,” and then smiled warmly at me. “Fine,” I replied, then turned my attention back to the ceremony at hand, adding a prayer that our house didn’t burn down during the ceremony.

After all the fanfare subsided and we returned home, I found the iron still turned on, laying flat down on the ironing board. However, the power strip the appliance had been plugged into was turned off. So I guess my prayers were answered, tho in a round about kind of way.




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