raining cats and dogs…


Three weeks ago, our dog Dixie went to heaven, contrary to what some may think. She was a Jack Russell terrorist by name and deed. She was not the nicest of dogs you would ever have met and frankly, had we not rescued her from a sad situation, she would not have been our first pick for pet. But, in the eight years she was ours, she was a member of our family and is missed. 

Ever since I let the doll in on the fact that I pushed the age requirement for her to have a dog by two years due to a mispronunciation on her part; when she was six, she’s enjoyed hammering me with pictures and queries about when we will give her this long awaited/overdue dog or cat. The original excuse was, “We can’t bring a puppy into this environment with Dixie. It just wouldn’t be fair for her” but has since become, “Give us at least six months on the dog…” (and never on the cat),” even though, I wouldn’t mind never revisiting the idea of getting another pet.

Yet every day she hammers me about her desire to have a pet. All of her friends have pets–in fact some have more than their share…

“Mom, Kay has seven cats, two dogs, two pot bellied pigs, five rabbits and a bird,” She told me the other day, owning that hint of envy in her voice. “Good for that smelly house…” I replied. “But, it’s not fair. I mean yesterday she found a kitten in her bushes and her parents let her keep him and he’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!” She further pushed. “Well at least you got a picture of the kitten to admire…” I began before she gave me a very unhappy look. “Sorry for your luck doll,” I replied and moved on.

“The next time I see Kay I’m going to ask her to stop sending cute pictures of her pets to our doll, or I won’t let her talk to her any more,” I said in frustration to my husband. Of course, I can’t stop them from talking, but it sure feels like a good solution-if only temporary. “She’ll lose interest once school starts back up,” He offered in support. “That’s far too long a time to be needled by her,” I returned adding, “Plus it doesn’t help when the two of you scroll through animal videos together.” “Wha? I’m trying to be the nice parent,” He replied. “Do you want another dog right now?” I asked. “Well, not at the moment…” He offered to which I replied, “Then stop encouraging her!”

But alas, no encouragement is needed. “Mom you promised me a dog…” “Mom you lied to me…” “Mom you never should have told me the truth…” She hammers at me every single day. So I decided to change the rhetoric a bit asking her if she could really afford to have a pet. “Do you have enough money saved for vet visits-at least once a year. Sweet Pea (our first dog) had allergies, so we had to pay for the drugs and shots she received every year. Do you have enough money saved to pay for these services?” “I thought you would help me,” She replied. “But this will be “YOUR” dog, so you would be the one financially responsible for the pet. In addition, when you go to college in three years, what are you going to do with the pet then?” Think long and hard doll if caring for a dog right now-instead of waiting until your better equipped to care for one, is the best choice,” I tried.

Yesterday she didn’t hammer me with her want of a puppy, so I thought maybe we were over the hump. This morning she asked how close to Christmas would she have to wait, before receiving a puppy.  Oh brother!



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