When you don’t know what the future holds, best to take a page out of the zombie apocalypse handbook just in case the need should arise…

“Mom, before we leave for school Friday, I need to make a stop at Costco,” the boy Informed. “I don’t know if we’ll have enough time…” I countered, knowing there are only so many hours left in this week to pack him up while he has come dangerously close to not helping me do so at all. “No, mom, I need to buy some TP, paper towels and water to take with me,” He countered. 

Looking back at him puzzled I replied, “Bay, you’re in a communal dorm-the toilet paper will be provided”. “Yeah, thin, single ply crap. No, I’d rather have a commodity-you know, something I can barter…” Again, a puzzled look crossed my brow, but I chose to drop the subject, knowing there were bigger items to cross off our lists this week.

On Sunday, I bought him a new backpack at Target and while there, grabbed a container filled with assorted snack chips for him to take to school. “What are these?” He asked. “I thought I’d save you a few bucks at the commissary,” I began, “tho I’m certain there are a few you won’t like-you can share those with your roommate,” I added. Giving me a hug of thanks he mumbled, “Plus it never hurts to have goods for barter…” Pulling away from the hug I asked him, “Where do you think you’re going to on Friday, prison?” 

Now it was his turn to give me an odd look before replying, “Prison?” “What’s all this “bartering and commodities?” I asked, adding “I mean, I can see how these could be of value in prison. But at school, where everyone is on a meal plan, in communal living spaces, I don’t believe bartering will be that much in need”. He smiled gently back at me and replied, “You never know mom-I’d rather be prepared than not. So, can we get a trip into Costco before we leave Friday?”

Oh brother!


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