Mr. Minimal has gone to college.


When we dropped the boy off at school, I reminded him to call home twice a week, just to let us know how he was doing and to answer any texts I send–even if it’s simply to say “Good morning” or “Goodnight”. But as I’ve been reminded all weekend, my son is behaving very much like every other college student and failing miserably at calling and texting. In fact, even when he responds, he does so in such minimal terms, that I wonder why he even bothers.

This past Sunday, I longed to hear his voice as well as remind him of the job fair the school was going to hold very soon. As a condition for one of his scholarships, he’s required to get an on campus job. I sent him an email early that morning, reminding him to call home. I also hoped he’d call around 6 pm, as we were visiting with family who kept asking an array of questions concerning him, “How’s the boy doing at school?” “What’s the good word, does he like his classes?” “Any news?” To which our standard reply has become, “No news is good news?”

He never did call. On Monday morning he sent an apology noting he never checked his notifications and didn’t see a reason to call. But, I did happen to get a modicum of information out of him. So, for all those wondering, this is what he’s found out at college…

He prefers waffles to pancakes. He’s eating an unconscionable amount of ice cream. He was going to attend the job fair and the day before he accidentally dropped a full cup of root-beer in the cafeteria (awkward). When I pressed for more information about stuff other than his stomach, I got radio silence (aka nothing). Not sure how I should take all this, I mentioned to my sister Carol, my frustration at his unwillingness to let me be the fly in his room and fill me in on stuff. Her reply was simple, “This sounds exactly like the texts I received from my girls, save one thing. Instead of ice cream, they were drinking beer. Everything is normal. He has FREEDOM and is using his, by keeping mum.”

For all the times I wished he’d be “normal’… grrrr.


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