I’m lonesome for you…


My mother used to have a handy saying for everyone of her needs. Take for example, if she had any inclination to kill one of her nine children, she would recite (from rote memory), “Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, seldom in a woman and never in a man,” loudly and oftentimes on constant repeat; as she moved us through the days. When my kids were little, I could often be heard repeating her ditty, save for one significant change… “Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, seldom in my doll but never in DYLAN” When he was very young,  he would tell me of his lack of patience saying, “I have no pace momma, no pace.” 

Another clever saying of hers was, “I’m lonesome for you…”which was a wonderful notion when I attended an overnight summer camp, back in the 1970’s. Yet, as an adult it didn’t possess the same quality, especially when uttered when you already felt overwhelmed by your busy lifestyle. To be honest, her call to tell me how much she missed me, was not always my favorite call to get. However, today, in retrospect, I long to hear her utter those words to me almost hourly.

Which brings me to today’s post.

I know this blog and the photo companion blog has been hit and miss lately, not because I don’t have anything to say (having an only child is such a different experience), but rather an amalgam of different reasons. But true to form, I have indeed found myself lonesome for writing, for editing (can’t believe I just wrote that), for talking to you all about my blog and keeping you up to date where everyone in my little universe resides. So, I either have to find a better use of my time, or quit my jobs. Though losing an income for a fancy is not the best financial decision I can make. So I guess time management has now become my new goal. Moving forward, I’m going to try to write a MMM 3 times a week to start. Cross your fingers. Also I hope to post something to the photo blog soon.

My hope is to reignite my love of writing, spread some joy and maybe stave off those lonesome feelings. Hopefully you’ve been lonesome for these blogs As well. 

See ya soon. 




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