Celebrating birthdays 🎉…


In 2013, the American Cancer Association began an advertising campaign that endorsed the celebration of birthdays. In the past two weeks, I’ve had the privilege to participate in two cancer walks, dedicated in the hope that one day, Cancer diseases will become a footnote in history, completely eradicated from our future and thus, celebrating everyone’s birthdays for many years to come.

Captain and Teals…

The Ellen Jackson Ovarian Cancer Walk took place on the University of Toledo’s Medical University campus, but the walk was not limited to those supporting Ovarian cancer research, but rather open to all women with gynecological cancers. My group, “The Captain and Teals”, came out to support our friend Barb’s want for more birthday celebrations; who triumphed in her battle with Vaginal cancer, though still suffers from the affects of her radiation treatments. 

In all there were probably 5-600 participants, who took a beautiful circuitous route around the Medical hospital’s campus and learned more about the cancers than previously known. The course around the campus was surrounded by beautifully decorated teal (the color designation for ovarian cancer) colored ribbons along with placards offering information about symptoms of gynecological cancers and ways to help prevent or at the very least, keep your risk for contracting these diseases low.

Then, this past Sunday, my doll and I joined team “Be the Storm” in celebration of my dear friend, Lynda, who is currently in her first year of triumph over breast cancer; by participating in the 24th Annual Susan G. Komen Race/Walk for the Cure, held in downtown Toledo. In addition to supporting our friend, we also walked in support and celebration for my husband’s sister Lisa, who is currently battling this deadly disease.

Prayer board set up by St Paul’s Lutheran church along the route.

As we walked along, I kept pointing out various signs to my doll that others carried in support of their loved ones.  Of course, we were joined by some 12,000 other participants as we took another circuitous route, this time around our downtown area. We were treated to music from area bands–high school and professional alike;  along with the Toledo Symphony and a few professional DJ’s thrown in for good measure, every few blocks, to encourage us forward, onward and upward to the finish line. 

Sunday’s Race for the Cure was especially poignant for me, having the doll along to experience the joy and exuberance that comes with the want and desire to continue celebrating birthdays with my dear friend Lynda and my sister in law and friend, Lisa. 

Hopefully this years’ walks will help everyone continue to joyfully celebrate happy birthdays next year and beyond.


For a better description of the Race for the cure walk, I suggest you read the blog I wrote after my first walk. More poignant today, considering our political climate. 



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