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name shmame…


My son has never been known as one who remembers names. My coming from a large family really didn’t make much difference as he would ask, “Which one is that again?” whenever one of my siblings approached. As my husband once remarked, “He doesn’t know your name, because he doesn’t care to…” What’s in a name anyhow?

Talking with his cousin Carolyn at Thanksgiving the other day, my son knew a few things…. She’s his uncle Bill’s youngest daughter, who lives an hour west from his current college residence and she’s going to be opening a new restaurant in the very near future.

“I understand you’re going to open a new restaurant soon…” He began. “Yes, yes I am…” She replied and then described a little about the type of food they would be serving.¬† Then my son cut to the chase. “I’m going to be in Columbus to attend an Anime convention with my friends…” He began. “…maybe we could stop to eat at the restaurant…” before adding his caveat, “This is a little awkward tho, we’re all really poor…”

Carolyn, seeing where the conversation was heading offered, “Well, Dyl, I can’t comp or give away that many meals, but if you come in I will set you up with some good appetizers. I’ll treat you well…”

Smiling in return, my son replied, “Thank you…. uh…. This may sound a little awkward too… What’s your name again?”

I might add, my husband was sitting next to him at the time and gave him with a WTF? look.

Meanwhile, his cousin Carolyn began to laugh hysterically, which allowed the boy to laugh, apologize and claim his ignorance for remembering names. She in return, once she caught her breath, told him it was okay… and gave him a hug in return.

My brother told me the story the next day and I simply dropped my head and laughed. What else could I do?

Carolyn’s sister Cori informed me she asked Carolyn to repeat the story several times over because she found it hysterically entertaining.

All the while, we all accept the boy for who he is faults¬† (bad memory for family members names) and all…