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the doldrums of life….


“Woe is me….” the doll says under her breath. “Whoa I’m reading” the boy says trying to convince. “Wha?” the husband looked back at me and mouthed.  “What is going on here?” I said when I arrived home from work and found all three KIDS-that’s right KIDS still in pajamas watching television at 5:00 pm.  “Have you been watching TV all day?” I asked.  “No” the doll says defensively, “I’ve been playing on my Kindle too.” Lowering my head I disappeared into the Kitchen…what a fun Spring break they’re having, acting like slugs.

To be fair…at some point during this week someone has been sick. The doll’s bout of stomach flu which began last week has lingered in making her feel achy and cramped.  The hub, we now believe may have been fighting off a virus that mimics the heart adrenaline issues he’s been having and the boy yesterday sported a fever and the same type of cramps the doll exhibited earlier.  But with sunlight shining through our windows and bright blue albeit cold skies, makes it difficult for me to see everyone do little all day.  “Think of something fun we’d like to do when I get off work” I said yesterday before leaving. When I arrived home at 2:30 everyone’s idea of fun was to continue watching a home improvement show marathon on HGTV. The boy snuggled in a sleeping bag, with his nook and watched some ongoing cartoon soap opera.

I know when I was a kid, we were sent outside to play. It didn’t matter the temperature it just mattered that we were out of the house. Today kids seem to have so many distractions locking them in place; going outside is the last thing they want to do.  “Honey, we need to find something for them to do other than sit/lay on the couches.” I said. As if by magic, a lost dog appeared on our street. The neighbor boys were trying to lure the husky with bologna into their back yard. The boy decided he should help, running out the door in his slippers. The doll thought she might miss out on something and went outside to help as well. They were outside a whole ten minutes, feeling triumphant the dog was caught and owners called. When they re-entered the house I announced “The TV is off for the remainder of the day” -hoping to kick start them into doing something more than lounge on the couches all day.

In defiance the doll grabbed her kindle and began to play a video game, the boy reestablished himself into the sleeping bag and re-engaged in the cartoon soap and the hubby turned the television back on to continue watching home improvement programming.  Defeated, I went and laid down. Hell if you can’t beat them (literally and figuratively) might as well join them. There is after all another day…until vacation comes to an end.


As I was leaving for work today I said to the boy, “No television or computer until all your homework is completed. “Mom, I usually do that on Sunday”. He replied. “Why blow your Sunday when you’ve been doing NOTHING all week. Get it done and over with….” I replied. “Mom, there is nothing you need to concern yourself with…” “Tell me, don’t you need to dress yourself up like a character from the book The Outsiders?” I asked. Surprised I knew about the assignment he gave me an odd look. Putting his hand to his face and rubbing it around he replied, “I’m not entirely happy with the concept”. “Be that as it may, don’t you think you should work on your design?” I asked him. “Mom, don’t worry about it I got it all under control”.

“Under control”….is the equivalent to saying one minute before bedtime Sunday night,  I’ll think of something to wear on Monday. Oh Brother!


Still learning after all these years…


“Boy, if you could have any video game on the planet, what would you get?” I asked the boy one night, after he turned out his lights for bed.  “Who wants to know?” He asked.  “Your Secret Santa…” I lied.  I was in the middle of a purchase on Amazon and decided to add some fun into the children’s “Clothing Christmas” by including a video game for them both.   The doll was easy to figure out–Just Dance 4 was all the rage!  The boy however I had no clue.  “Well Nintendo has a new Pokemon Black and White game out..” he began.  “Don’t you already own those?” I asked.  “No mom, these are sequels…” “Alright, I’ll tell them…” I said and exited his room.

Fast forward to the Christmas eve party and no secret Santa video game arrived.  Quite frankly I had forgotten all about my little deceptive game and could not understand why the boy seemed so unhappy.  “Marsha, is the boy getting some video game tomorrow?” My sister asked.  “No…why?”  “He’s upset.  He’s sitting out in the front room upset that he didn’t receive some video game tonight”.  “Huh.”   I said.  Wandering into the living room, sure enough, there he was sitting alone, looking upset.  “Mama, is it okay if Dad and I go over to Grammy’s for a little while?  This house is too noisy and I’m overwhelmed.”

A few years ago I would have fought him on this premise.  Today, I’m very aware how chaotic my family is and considering we’re all kind of deaf…I’m sure we’re quite loud.   “If your dad is ready to go, then sure…but you’ll miss the ‘White Elephant’ gift exchange…” I said, hoping that alone would allure him to stay.  “No thank you.” he replied.  A few minutes later both he and Dad were gone.   By the time they returned two hours later, the party was winding down.  The doll was finishing up her last dance (Just Dance 4 on Wii) with her cousins–though Elle spun off a controller, landed on a chair and fell asleep almost immediately. A short time later we were home…the kids in bed and me standing at the kitchen table wrapping presents in the wee hours of the morning.

As I pulled out the boy’s video game to wrap, the events of the night and my little deception all came back to me.  “Damn.” I said as I began to wrap.  “What’s up?” my hub asked concerned.  “Well, as his mother I blew it again.” I replied.  “What are you talking about?”  “See this dumb game?  I asked the boy what game he wanted, but under the guise of a “secret Santa” which explains why he was so bummed out tonight over at Dan’s”.  “Well, he was bummed out.  But listen he did have fun at Grammy’s playing cards with Great Gram.  Besides, when he opens this in the morning, all will be forgiven.”  “I know…” I replied.  “I just wish he hadn’t been disappointed tonight”.  I said sadly, more to myself than to him.  “Well…I’m sure…” he began, “this will not be the last time we disappoint him…”


Postscript.  He was very happy to receive the game from me and all was forgiven…then he received the other sequel from his Grandmother, which made him feel extra special.  Everything worked out for him in the end and mom feels less guilty but learned an important lesson…always tell the truth or remember your lies or you’ll feel like crud.